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  • Chengyuan Group >> Company Profile

        Foshan Chengyuan Group Company is a modern diversified enterprise that integrates science, industry and trade. Its Office in China Region is located in the Science and Technology Industry Park in the southwestern area of Sanshui District of Foshan City. The Company mainly engages in two businesses: plastic package color printing and biomass environmental energies. The group company owns the following enterprises: Chengyuan (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Foshan Sanshui Chengyuan Package Color Printing Co., Ltd, Foshan Sanshui Huanneng Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, Guangxi Guiping Chengyuan Environmental Energy Co., Ltd, Anhui Huoshan Chengyuan Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. and Anhui Chengyuan Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.

        Insisting on the enterprise tenet of “Top Quality, Strict Management and Ceaseless Innovations”, the group, rooted in China while opening eyes to the whole world, has become a partner of many worldly-known enterprises in the realms of package color printing and biomass environmental energies, as a result of 15 years of fast development. In line with its operation philosophy of “advocacy of environmental protection, concentration on renewable energy, promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction and improvement of residential environment”, the group has achieved outstanding achievements in related businesses.

        With respect to management, the group draws on the experience of the advanced management modes of international enterprises and, by combining the experience with its operation achievements and reflections, gradually develops a management mode of “Control, organization and development”, which strengthens the core competitiveness of the group and lays a solid foundation for great-leap-forward development of the company.


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