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      Product Categories
           Safety Bars
           Bathroom Handle
           Door Handle
          TOWEL RACK
    About us   Home > About us

    Zhong Shan Hualitong Hardware Ltd. 

    --- Focus on making high-end bathroom products

        Zhong Shan Hualitong Hardware Ltd. was established in 2009, focus on Stainless tube Handle , safety rail, showroom hardware production .

          With strong R&D and ID design in house, we provide customer excellent design with cost saving concept. (Pattern NO. 201120473428.x for seamless S.S. tube welding, No. 201020617635.3 for easy fast installation ) , OEM/ODM business is also welcome.      

          Every single pcs handle/safety rail we produce , 100% inspection through 25kgs force test , also apply high/low temperature test, and salt spraying .

           With our business principle ‘ Quality, Trust and Customer is the first ‘, business expending going fast , and satisfaction from customer is also in good shape !

          Contact us and you will find more supervise experience !

          Address: Liexiyi Industry Zone, Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China


           QQ online:236473211/414722769/1485984228
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    Tel: 86-760-23126678 Fax: 86-760-23123377 E-mail: easthome88@163.com
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